Brand Story

With everything that is going on in the world today, peace is what we need more than ever. Since we are not politicians nor do we have any control over the matter, we inevitably felt frustrated and helpless. We then wondered; what role can we play?  After some thought, we came up with Salaam Apparel: a simple message the whole world could relate to, a message of peace expressed through streetwear.

We are huge admirers of the Arabic language and art, especially when expressed through Arabic calligraphy. The brand ‘Salaam Apparel’ was created to spread the Salaam, the Arabic greeting of ‘peace’ by using inspirational Arabic proverbs imbedded in Arabic calligraphy and designs.

Each of our designs contains a unique message aimed to enrich a person’s life with contentment, positivity, and most importantly, inner peace.

Mission Statement 

To share the beauty of the Arabic language and art with the world through our collection of contemporary urban streetwear, inspired by the art of Arabic calligraphy and the universal message of Salaam - the greeting of peace. With Salaam, we aim to break boundaries and misconceptions about people of different cultures and ethnicities.


A portion of all our proceeds is dedicated to helping those less fortunate than us. Whether it be local grass roots initiatives or international humanitarian support, Salaam Apparel is dedicated to supporting a variety of good causes around the globe, and this would not be possible without you!